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Small Business Marketing

Increase $$$

Are you an established business, but need to increase your market share?  Then you want to keep doing what’s working so far, but add some sophistication and new tools that will be more effective in getting you to that next level. If you are currently flying solo and working on a very limited budget - Micro Business Program. If you are established and have at least $20,000 to spend annually on marketing - Virtual Marketing Department.

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Entering a New Market with an Existing Product or Service

Are you currently entering a new market with an existing product? Then you need to make sure you understand how to reach this new market and what their key motivators are for buying your products or services. If you know a lot about this market already - Micro Business Program. If you know very little about this market - Virtual Marketing Department.

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Introducing a New Product or Service to an Existing Market

Are you looking to introduce a new product or service to an existing market? Then packaging, pricing, and enticing copy are key to your success. If you have most of this done - Micro Business Program. If you are looking for creative help in how to best launch and introduce this product or service to the market - Virtual Marketing Department.

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Introducing a New Product or Service to a New Market

Are you launching a new product or service to a new market? This is the most challenging marketing of them all. If you are a start up and running on very limited funds - Jumpstart Program. If you are a “smart up” – meaning that you are very familiar with both the market and the product offering and still limited on funds - Micro-Business Program. If you are looking for a sophisticated plan and will also require more formalized research on the market and more development around the product offerings - Virtual Marketing Department (NOTE: there may be extra fees for formal market research depending on your needs).